The Friends aim to support the School community with social opportunities, practical help and raising funds to benefit those within the 学校 community.


The Friends has a steering committee of parents and former parents. The committee works alongside the Headmaster, 准备的头, a teacher rep and members of the School’s 发展 Office.



The FOIS coordinate sales for both the Prep and 高级学校s. These allow parents the opportunity to donate, buy and sell uniform and kit that is no longer needed, of good quality and reasonably priced whilst raising funds for the School. 仅2020年就有一个 £13,975 长大.


Volunteer class/form reps (for each year from nursery to year 9) provide useful tips and reminders throughout the year. Many year groups have email and WhatsApp groups and a few have facebook pages. These can offer a valuable source of informaiton and support. The School Form Reps for this acadamic year are set out below. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to take up the Reps role for the classes without a rep at the moment.

托儿所菲尔的和Amna Razvi7A山姆·爱德华兹
Rec P洛娜莫里7B稍后通知
3B稍后通知8BLeanda Halland-Lynch
3D莱提纱Beaujard Ramoo8C露易丝·艾尔斯


Friends events are held throughout the academic year giving parents, 工作人员, and pupils the chance to enjoy social time together. The aim is to offer a range of social events so there is somehting for all.

Class/Form Reps look for opportunities to enable year group parents to get to know each other. Gatherings are not possible at the moment due to Covid-19 but lookout for opportunities like family walks, 咖啡的早晨, and pub get-togethers when normal social interactions become a possibility.


This lovely family get-together is held towards the end of the summer holidays to welcome pupils and their families starting in year 7. It is a brilliant opportunity to meet up in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere before the 学校 term begins. We were delighted to be able to host the event this year despite inclement weather and Covid. It was lovely to see so many new and returning faces, mark the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of those joining year 7 and welcome each pupil and their families to the beat365亚洲版官网 community.


The FOIS 测试 is a hotly contested challenge usually held around February/March time. Helf in the bar at Rushmere, the 测试 is an informal and light-hearted event that sells out quickly.


The biggest event in the FOIS calendar is 夏天的球. Hosted every two years in a grand marquee on the School field grounds. This year’s ball was postponed, but we hope to be back in Summer 2022.


Funds raised are used to provide ‘extras’ to benefit pupils – often ‘fun things’ that help to support teachers in making learning interesting and exciting and to support the wider School community. The Head of Prep and the Headmaster work together with the FOIS Committee to decide how best to allocate funds raised each year.

  • This year’s second-hand uniform sales have raised a combined £13,975!
  • The Annual 测试 SOLD OUT again this year and raised £791!
  • Gifts to the School have included:- a treehouse for the 上预科 playground and a donation of £5,000 towards the refurbishment of the Lower Prep playground.
  • A Caterham car kit, new cricket nets, and table tennis tables for the 高级学校.
  • House t-shirts for all new pupils in both the 高级学校 and 预科学校.
  • 游泳和滑雪设备.
  • Recycling bins for environmental initiatives within the School. 


  • 《beat365亚洲版官网》捐了1英镑,000 towards the wonderful doves installation in the School chapel, to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War. 
  • The Friends are delighted to have been able to provide significant donations in support of a number of local organisations: 
  • Thomas Wolsey School which supports children with complex and challenging additional needs.
  • SELIG, a local charity supporting homeless people.
  • The School pupils and the Friends combined to provide local charity FIND (Families in Need) with a substantial donation of over £6,500. FIND supports some of the most vulnerable families in our local community.


The beat365亚洲版官网的朋友们 Prize for Charitable Work is awarded each year at Speech Day to a 高级学校 pupil. Last year it was awarded to Anastasia Murphy for her considerable work in raising awareness of and money for the ocean plastics campaign. 她在各种海报中发挥了重要作用, discussions and a boys against girls netball match fundraiser for the Marine Conservation Society.

We hope that you and your family will enjoy and benefit from being a member of the Friends. Ideas for events and initiatives and new committee members are always welcome. Just contact us via the details below and we look forward to enjoying your company at an event very soon.

如需参与,请联系:- info@friendsofbeat365亚洲版官网